By Luna Atamian

Sustainability or CSR is an evolving, diverse and growing field. There are no prerequisite profiles or qualifications to enter this field, which makes it more challenging because there is no clear path. The good news is that our Salterbaxter North America team sat down to discuss key traits that successful sustainability and corporate social responsibility professionals share. Enjoy!

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The 2014 Sustainable Brands Conference kicked off in sunny San Diego, California last month with the theme of Reimagine. Redesign. Regenerate.

In his opening remarks, Mark Lee, Executive Director at SustainAbility, framed the event as a week of “what if that might just change the world.” His comments were energizing and thought provoking, while also providing a sobering truth that, although the private sector is making great strides in sustainability, the pace and scale of innovation might still need to accelerate to meet today’s biggest global challenges.

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