Acre, the leading UK-based sustainability recruitment company, is actively seeking experienced recruitment consultants to join their team. If you’re a recruitment consultant with an exceptional track record, they want to hear from you! At Acre, they will help you develop your recruitment career across all areas of sustainability both in the UK and internationally. This job is based in London, UK.

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Feel free to contact me if you need help putting together an outstanding CV or resume for this exciting position.

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The sustainability field evolved quickly and there is no universally recognised list of core competencies or non-traditional key performance indicators (KPIs) to prove an employee’s value. While this is certainly a challenge for the jobseeker and sustainability go-getter, it also presents exciting opportunities for HR and sustainability leaders to redefine professional development.

How can HR help in this process? They can start by building a competency framework that fosters sustainability leadership at all job levels and functions.

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Our own Shannon Houde, founder of Walk of Life Consulting and preferred coaching partner of Acre and Weinreb Group recruitment, offers expert advice in this Guardian piece on How to get a career in sustainability: hard work, talent and perseverance.

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