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Here is our list of this week’s hottest sustainability jobs in the US, UK and Uganda. Interested in applying? Before you submit your CV, register for a 30-minute introductory CV critique with me for some smart, practical tips on how to make your application stand out from the crowd.

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focused job search is like online dating  

You only need one! Right? Just one perfect guy/girl in your life to take away your loneliness. Or one dream job to give you true purpose. You aren’t asking for too much. But the slog, the process, the setbacks, the time investment can be a killer. It can be enough to make you want to stay lonely and broke until the end of time. So what’s the catch? What can you do differently?

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This past autumn, Net Impact London and I hosted a cafe style workshop with a diverse group of sustainability professionals to delve into the questions that every job seeker has: how can you figure out what a potential employer is looking for? And how can you communicate your competitive advantage as a potential employee?

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In October’s Dear Shannon column on, I advise a corporate communications professional on what the future holds for those entering the sustainability jobs market. In my answer, I explain why it’s a good idea to look within your current organisation for sustainability opportunities, how to break through the buzzwords, why you need to cultivate your entrepreneurial spirit and the importance of a specialisation. Read the full column here.

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There are so many job sites and boards dedicated to CSR and sustainability careers, it’s all too easy for a jobseeker to feel snowed under by the avalanche of information coming at them through the search engine.

To help you navigate the job search slalom, I’ve selected the best sites on the internet for corporate responsibility, sustainability, environmental, social enterprise, international development and NGO vacancies.

In Part 1 of this 4-part series, I’m drilling down on the top US, UK and International recruitment agency websites on the net.

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The Hub, Kings Cross  


Walk of Life Consulting will be holding an interactive workshop on mapping your skills to the sustainability jobs market

 in January as part of The HUB Skills Series.

This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to break into sustainability or gain a competitive edge for the jobs market

 to get valuable insights from Walk of Life Consulting’s Career Coach, Shannon Houde. She will let you in on her secrets from 20 years in recruitment and 10 years in the sustainability field. She will also share her experiences of entering and working in this sector.

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