These days, sustainability leaders are emerging from within organizations, but are unable to find a clear path that encourages innovation and development. This book by Andrew W. Savitz, Karl Weber and Edward E. Lawler shines a light on how business leaders and HR professionals can tap into sustainability to recruit, motivate and support top talent. In the process, companies will increase productivity and boost their triple bottom line.

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The sustainability field evolved quickly and there is no universally recognised list of core competencies or non-traditional key performance indicators (KPIs) to prove an employee’s value. While this is certainly a challenge for the jobseeker and sustainability go-getter, it also presents exciting opportunities for HR and sustainability leaders to redefine professional development.

How can HR help in this process? They can start by building a competency framework that fosters sustainability leadership at all job levels and functions.

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Do you ever find yourself wondering what makes you truly happy, or how big of a role your job plays in your happiness?

A recent New York Times article identified work as having a strong influence over how happy we are, pointing out, “Work can bring happiness by marrying our passions to our skills, empowering us to create value in our lives and in the lives of others.”

Feeling fulfilled in your job starts with getting in touch with what makes you happy. Once you have identified that, you can start to think about how you can map your career decisions to those criteria.

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Shannon Houde has been published on leading sustainability website with an article on how to assess top talent for sustainability leadership skills. Look out for future articles from Shannon by logging on to her author page on CSRwire, or follow us through the social media links above.

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