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This month in her Dear Shannon column on, Shannon councils a traditional fund manager on how to leverage her career experience to break into impact investing. If you are considering a career change into the sustainability field, this is a must read!

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Creating and marketing your personal brand is key to finding a new challenging job in sustainability. In fact, the process is a lot like dating. In order to differentiate yourself in the job market or the dating market, you need to develop strong personal brand that reflects the ‘authentic you.’

Wondering where to start? In December’s Dear Shannon column on, I council a career changer on how to build a strong personal brand step-by-step.

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Do you sometimes feel like what you are hearing about the sustainability jobs market is inconsistent? If so, rest assured that you are not the only one. The impact jobs market is evolving quickly, and yet not in a universal way. There is both uncertainty about the field’s future trajectory and little consensus on where it stands right now. In the last few months, I have come across more than five articles by thought leaders analyzing where we in the “sustainability club” are heading, and they are anything but conclusive.

On top of that, every company is talking about this agenda a bit differently and branding it in its own language, making an online job hunt very difficult. Don’t worry! It’s actually easier than you think to get the facts straight.

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In October’s Dear Shannon column on, I advise a corporate communications professional on what the future holds for those entering the sustainability jobs market. In my answer, I explain why it’s a good idea to look within your current organisation for sustainability opportunities, how to break through the buzzwords, why you need to cultivate your entrepreneurial spirit and the importance of a specialisation. Read the full column here.

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After spending years as a career coach, I know I am not the only one in the sustainability field who sometimes wonders what type of impact I am making.

Often, those of us who are driven to make a difference, change the world for the better and leave our mark have a hard time identifying tangible results. So how do we stay motivated? Where do we find quantifiable results to make a business case for strategic programming? Here are a few places to start.

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