Cover letters are becoming obsolete. We are in the age of Twitter, blogs and text messages. No hiring manager or recruiter has time or attention to droll through dense text populating more than a page. Our communication mediums are all about short and sweet, and cover letters are no exception – one page with lots of white space and short sentences. There are 3 reasons to keep your cover letter short and sweet:

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Acre Recruitment is working with MADE-BY, the award winning sustainability consultancy with a focus on apparel and textiles sectors, to hire a Principal Consultant for their German and Scandinavian Market. The successful candidate will take on a leadership role in their Amsterdam office, delivering bespoke consultancy projects to a range of high profile fashion retailers and brands with the aim of improving their product lifecycle impact.

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The sustainability field evolved quickly and there is no universally recognised list of core competencies or non-traditional key performance indicators (KPIs) to prove an employee’s value. While this is certainly a challenge for the jobseeker and sustainability go-getter, it also presents exciting opportunities for HR and sustainability leaders to redefine professional development.

How can HR help in this process? They can start by building a competency framework that fosters sustainability leadership at all job levels and functions.

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Do you sometimes feel like what you are hearing about the sustainability jobs market is inconsistent? If so, rest assured that you are not the only one. The impact jobs market is evolving quickly, and yet not in a universal way. There is both uncertainty about the field’s future trajectory and little consensus on where it stands right now. In the last few months, I have come across more than five articles by thought leaders analyzing where we in the “sustainability club” are heading, and they are anything but conclusive.

On top of that, every company is talking about this agenda a bit differently and branding it in its own language, making an online job hunt very difficult. Don’t worry! It’s actually easier than you think to get the facts straight.

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Infographic Acre Resources  

What are the characteristics, career histories and salaries of those working in corporate responsibility / sustainability?

Acre has compiled information from its 2012 Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Salary Survey into ‘practitioner profiles’ based on their understanding of corporate and consultant roles. They have identified a number of generic roles in order to form composite descriptions of the education, career histories and other personal characteristics of practitioners in the space.

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On a daily basis, I am working with a diverse array of top-notch jobseekers. The main thing they’ve got in common? The desire to find a values-based career that pays decent money.

Judging by my own experience as a sustainability and CSR career advisor, I’m certain that a job that combines both environmental and social responsibility with a good salary isn’t too much to ask for.

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Shannon Houde is quoted in a 3BLMedia story that reveals a rising number of professionals who have only ever worked in the CSR field.

Despite the sustainability sector being dominated by career switchers who decide to retrain and focus on this area, the growing trend is for more people to embark from the outset on a career in CR, according to the 2010 Corporate Responsibility Salary Survey by recruitment company Acre.

Acre career coach Shannon comments: “Increasingly I am seeing mid level professionals, who have specialist qualifications and focused experience in the CR sector, coming to me for guidance.”

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