Client Stories

Vijay Padmanabhan

  • Position Achieved: Policy Advisor
  • Company: Google
  • Industry: Tech

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Vijay reinvented himself in order to move into the private sector after a long and successful career in government and academia.

The Challenge

How do I make my extensive experience in government and academia relevant to private sector employers?

After 12 plus years in government and academic roles, I wanted to transition into a role the private sector which built upon my extensive human rights experience. I did not, however, have any private sector experience and wasn’t sure how to translate my work in other sectors into a language appealing to private employers.

The Solution

Shannon opened my eyes to a different way of thinking about work.

Rather than cataloging my experiences by job or sector, Shannon analyzed my work history in terms of skills and functions. She helped me formulate accomplishment statements, which highlighted clearly how my past work experience relates to the problems facing a private sector employer. I am someone who is good at strategy, stakeholder engagement and communications, as opposed to just a professor or government lawyer. Shannon was right that once I did the difficult work of translating my past experiences into a language understood by a hiring manager, I would be a much more desirable candidate.

The Result

I have never been more excited about starting a new job!

After we reworked my CV and LinkedIn profile and created a one page networking bio, all of which highlighted my accomplishments, I immediately secured many initial interviews and callbacks for a wide variety of roles. I accepted a position at Google as a policy advisor that will leverage my past experiences in an exciting and dynamic private sector context.

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