Client Stories


Christina Forst

  • Position Achieved: Senior Consultant
  • Company: Context America
  • Industry: Sustainability Consulting

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Christina successfully transitioned from many years as an ‘in-house’ employee to a management consulting role.

The Challenge

How do I update my personal marketing materials and leverage my experience to switch roles?

When I left my previous position after six years, I had an old resume and an outdated sense of what a job search in today’s marketplace requires. After only a couple of months on my own with little to no traction, I knew I needed some professional advice to effectively leverage my in-house corporate sustainability experience into a management consulting role.

The Solution

It’s not always easy or comfortable to identify and talk about your strengths, weaknesses, career accomplishments, and career gaps, but it is a necessary step and important interview preparation.

I appreciated Shannon’s candor and directness throughout this process, which ultimately allowed the best parts of my professional story to come forward into a compelling narrative. She often helped me find the right words, draft the strongest sentence, or frame things in a new way. With her specialty and expertise in the sustainability area, I really trusted her targeted advice and hiring manager perspective.

The Result

I had several successful interviews and job offers before accepting my dream job as a corporate sustainability consultant.

By equipping me with the right tools – including a revised CV, LinkedIn profile, bio, elevator pitch and interview prep – Shannon helped me to execute a much more structured job search. Looking ahead, I have no doubt I will continue to be a “Walk of Life student” in order to keep my personal brand alive and my career trajectory on track!

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