Client Stories

Christian Smith

  • Position Achieved: Manager, CSR
  • Company: PVH Corp
  • Industry: Fashion

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Christian reframed his career journey into a single narrative from a diverse background.

The Challenge

I found it very difficult to weave in my previous experiences and studies into one cohesive narrative which would help me continue my now chosen path.

I had travelled extensively all through my life and had always wanted to do something good. I did not know that corporate responsibility existed until I landed a role at ASOS. When that role ended, I wasn’t sure how to move forward in the sector.

The Solution

Shannon helped me to understand what my ultimate end goal is and to ensure that I am taking the steps in my career towards that goal.

Shannon firstly helped to boost my confidence. She helped me to understand the links between my diverse career paths and to reconfigure my CV to highlight the skills I had built up that were relevant to the work that I wanted to do. This involved breaking my CV down to the various tasks I was good at and providing the supporting evidence to back that up. The CV deconstruction and rebuilding was an extremely useful process and had an impact psychologically as well as on my job search.

The Result

The short term result was to start writing about my thoughts on sustainability on my own website. This was a crucial step in helping to boost my confidence.

I eventually landed a short term role at Tesco and now a role at PVH which owns Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger in New York. As someone who has always loved living in new places, this was a great move for my career and a fantastic opportunity to understand the sustainability world on the other side of the pond.

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