Aim Your Compass

Turn your purpose into reality with job market insights

1.5 hours live coaching in person or via Skype

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Aim Your Compass
Aim Your Compass
Price: $570

In this challenging and interactive session our coach will offer market insights on types of roles and trends in the sustainability job market to link your criteria to reality.  You will learn to articulate your top five skills, values and traits to set yourself apart from the competition. Once you are clear on what you offer the market, we then map your ‘dream job’ criteria, prioritizing what you are passionate about doing next and in what context.

  • What does the market look like? (Sustainability market insight)
  • Where are you going? (Dream job criteria)
  • What are you selling? (Skills, Values and Traits)

This is the first session of the Soar to the Summit Jobseeker Package.

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