Do you want to transition out of your old job and into the ‘Impact Sector’?

Translating skills and accomplishments for sustainability career-switchers takes up a big chunk of my day, and if you’re a sustainability or CSR jobseeker, it’s likely to be taking up a big chunk of yours too!

At the recent Net Impact Conference in Maryland, USA, I was discussing the best ways to strategise that switch with Ashley Jablow from Open IDEO, Allison Jones from and Jeanne Simon from Accenture Development Partnerships.

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One of the most distinctive traits of great leadership is the desire to empower the leaders of the future.

At a recent Net Impact sustainability careers event in London, I was thrilled to host a panel with one of the most inspirational sustainability leaders in the business: Mike Barry, Head of Sustainable Business at Marks and Spencer PLC, who played a central role in setting up M&S’s game-changing agenda, Plan A.

In his speech, Mike walked the walk by setting out his own hiring agenda and outlining the key eight skills he looks for in a prospective sustainability professional’s CV.

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Infographic Acre Resources  

What are the characteristics, career histories and salaries of those working in corporate responsibility / sustainability?

Acre has compiled information from its 2012 Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Salary Survey into ‘practitioner profiles’ based on their understanding of corporate and consultant roles. They have identified a number of generic roles in order to form composite descriptions of the education, career histories and other personal characteristics of practitioners in the space.

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Following an inspirational summer of personal endeavour there has never been a better time to make your dream sustainability career a reality. And our newsletter can help featuring a roundup of the very best advice and resources from Walk of Life Consulting.

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We’re delighted to be joined today by author and sustainability thought leader John Elkington who’ll be guest blogging his advice on talent and jobs in the growing sustainability and corporate responsibility markets.

His recent book, The Zeronauts, highlights many personal stories about the sustainability agenda’s focus on behaviour change and engaging staff to be empowered. In brief, this agenda is all about its people.

Thank you, John, for being our guest blogger and giving your insights on how we can ensure we have the “right” roles and the “right” people in them to push this agenda forward.

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On a daily basis, I am working with a diverse array of top-notch jobseekers. The main thing they’ve got in common? The desire to find a values-based career that pays decent money.

Judging by my own experience as a sustainability and CSR career advisor, I’m certain that a job that combines both environmental and social responsibility with a good salary isn’t too much to ask for.

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With the influx of “green” degree programs popping up at universities around the world, my clients who are considering going back to school often ask me what type of degree is best. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to education and training in the sustainability realm, some options are better than others depending on your individual experience level and professional goals. In this five-post series I will review some of the most popular types of sustainability degree and certificate programs to help you choose the one that fits you best.

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For jobseekers wishing to break into the sustainability field, the idea of going back to school for a specialist degree in sustainability often seems like a no-brainer. However, I often ask my clients to carefully consider the pros and cons before they invest time and money into a graduate degree.

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