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Podcast: Shannon reveals her impact entrepreneurship secrets

Just before the holidays, I sat down with Jane Barrett of Career Farm to record an episode for her Mission Driven Entrepreneurs podcast series. During our conversation I shared some trials and successes I’ve experienced in my career that led me into impact entrepreneurship. In some ways it’s been a long and winding road, but looking back I realize a few guiding principles have helped me throughout the journey.

Not everyone knows this, but Walk of Life is not the first business I ever started. I got my first taste of sole ownership in my 20’s, when I traveled to Patagonia, taking only what fit in my hiking backpack, and started an eco-tourism company for international travelers.


Since then, I’ve reinvented myself many times but the key theme throughout has been helping people to convert their passion into purpose and pay. Now, I make it my mission to help sustainability-minded job seekers and career changers find the right roles for them to ultimately move the impact agenda forward. After all, once you identify and crush the fear out of making a change in your life, anything is possible.

Listen to the full podcast here or download it on iTunes. Thanks again to Career Farm for including me amongst great company in this series!

Shannon Houde

About the Author

Shannon Houde is an ICF certified executive and career coach who founded, Walk of Life Consulting, the first international professional development advisory business focused solely on the social impact, environmental and sustainable business fields.

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    9:23 PM

    This is amazing! And such fun. Hsve you given it all away free? Such a lot of impressive work here! You’re my woman! Oops, under Leave a Reply, need to add a “d” to “share” and you need to take out one of the negatives…either “not” or change “nor” to “or”. Or, the oldfashioned expression: “will be neither published nor shared.” Wouldn’t you know?! 🙂 Glad you sent this to me? 🙂


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