March 2014


How many times have you dived straight into writing your resume or CV before you identified your audience? Ensure you get noticed by turning your resume or CV into an effective marketing tool that makes your career story relevant to the hiring managers’ needs. Be relevant… know your audience. Be confident… know yourself.

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Shannon has been invited by the Acre Bench to share her tips on how to build a personal brand and entrepreneurial venture leveraging social media like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook at their April 2nd networking event in London.

As a member of the Bench herself, she is honoured to help this network of fellow senior sustainability & environmental professionals and freelancers to develop online marketing tricks and drive their businesses forward.

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There are a million reasons NOT to look for a new job, even if you are unhappy in your current role or want to change careers. It is a lot of work! You have to figure out how your skills will translate, what the market is like now and how you will find the time for a job search while already in a demanding role.

However with the right approach, making a career change can be as exhilarating as it is scary. Fear of change, failure and the unknown are usually what hold us back from diving into a change. Rather than resisting your fears, use them to their best advantage by recognizing them and putting them to work.

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Join Shannon next Thursday, 27 March 2014, for her 1.5 hour interactive workshop aimed at any freelancers or entrepreneurs looking to build confidence around marketing themselves.

Shannon will let you in on her secrets from 20 years in recruitment, 10 years in sustainability consulting, and the last four years building her own coaching company. She will also share her experiences of working with Acre recruitment’s freelance network, The Bench.

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The sustainability field evolved quickly and there is no universally recognised list of core competencies or non-traditional key performance indicators (KPIs) to prove an employee’s value. While this is certainly a challenge for the jobseeker and sustainability go-getter, it also presents exciting opportunities for HR and sustainability leaders to redefine professional development.

How can HR help in this process? They can start by building a competency framework that fosters sustainability leadership at all job levels and functions.

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Making a career change is scary and exhilarating all at the same time. Fear of change, failure and the unknown are usually what hold us back from diving into a change. Or perhaps a bit of laziness, too?

In February’s Dear Shannon column on, I council a career changer on how to identify and overcome the biggest obstacles getting in the way of her trying something new.

Read the full article here.

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Sustainability is a notoriously woolly and evolving agenda, and as the competitive advantage from engaging with it becomes more established, likewise the demand for top talent grows. But what does this talent pool look like?

In March’s Dear Shannon column on, I council an HR executive at a global retail firm on how to identify and develop the core competencies needed to grow sustainability leadership from within an organization.

Read the full column here.

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This past autumn, Net Impact London and I hosted a cafe style workshop with a diverse group of sustainability professionals to delve into the questions that every job seeker has: how can you figure out what a potential employer is looking for? And how can you communicate your competitive advantage as a potential employee?

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Do you ever find yourself wondering what makes you truly happy, or how big of a role your job plays in your happiness?

A recent New York Times article identified work as having a strong influence over how happy we are, pointing out, “Work can bring happiness by marrying our passions to our skills, empowering us to create value in our lives and in the lives of others.”

Feeling fulfilled in your job starts with getting in touch with what makes you happy. Once you have identified that, you can start to think about how you can map your career decisions to those criteria.

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With the end of this dark, wet winter in sight, it’s time to shake off the rain and turn your goals into action. Getting focused early on in your job search or career change gets results by helping you target and customize the process. Our tools can help you get started.

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