February 2014


If you can’t find your dream job, maybe it does not exist yet. In this book, one of the leading pioneers of sustainability and our guest blogger, John Elkington introduces us to the Zeronaut: a new breed of inventor, innovator, entrepreneur, intrapreneur, investor, manager, politician and educator that is actively working to shrink our footprint in the face of a changing world.

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The New Year is a great time to look both forward and backward. We start the year in reflection, deciding what to take with us and what to leave behind as we strive to make this year better than the last. But how do we decide what stays and what goes?

In January’s Dear Shannon Column on GreenBiz.com, I council a job seeker on how to get more in touch with what makes her happy and make career decisions around those criteria.

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In Part 2 of 3 in Shannon’s Sustainability 101 series on TriplePundit, she discusses the skills and attitudes that a successful sustainability practitioner must possess, and why it is hard to pin down exactly what the job means. In this article, we hear from three leading sustainability professionals who participated in a Net Impact workshop that took place in London last fall.

If you missed Part 1 on Landing a Creative Career, you can catch up here.

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What a character and online presence this guy is! Meet Gary Vaynerchuck, a family businessman that turned his local wine shop into a national industry leader by employing his entrepreneurial spirit on the Internet. In his book, he explains how to transform your passion into a day job and increase your earning potential by leveraging social media to build your personal brand.

Read more posts on using social media in your career change and job search.

Image credit: Philip Brown, Culttt

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