June 2013


Walk of Life Consulting’s Shannon Houde has been published on 2Degrees – the world’s leading community for sustainable business – with a blog on how HR can support an organisation’s sustainability strategy.

Despite today’s competitive jobs market, filling roles with the key staff a company needs to drive its impact agenda forward remains a complex and somewhat turbid task. In this blog, Shannon unpacks the relationship between key internal stakeholders and rebuilds it with a sustainability-friendly focus.

Read the full blog here.


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There’s nothing worse than crossing the path of an important client or work connection, and finding yourself dumbstruck by the “So what do you do?” line.

In my recent Careers Agony Aunt column for Greenbiz, I explained how having a pre-prepared elevator pitch up your sleeve can help you out of those sticky situations and into the good books of the person you’re trying to impress.

But first, here’s an example of what not to do:

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June is all about new growth, so why not make the most of the season and nourish your career? Whether your goal is to deepen your roots in an existing role or branch out into a new sector, our newsletter can help featuring a roundup of the very best advice and resources from Walk of Life during the summer months.

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